The look and attitude of Meghna is working: Shikha Singh
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It’s been a while since powerhouse performer Shikha Singh has started playing Meghna Singhania in Sasural Simar Ka, and the no-nonsense character has quite impressed the audience. So let’s talk to Shikha Singh about her take on the character


Q: Hi Shikha, did you have any apprehensions about playing the sister (to Shaurya)?

Shikha: I have been taking up strong roles since the beginning of my career, so people look at me in that light, and that’s why I was approached for this role. I was obviously apprehensive, because Sasural Simar Ka is fully a saas-bahu show, so I didn’t know if the entry of a strong, businesswoman would be appreciated. But I’m sure that this is a great contrast to all the other characters on the show, which is a great challenge as well as a great move.

Q: What’s your opinion of Meghna Singhania? Do you have anything in common with her?

Shikha: Meghna is a very short and sweet person, in the sense that she won’t talk too much, but 1 sentence from her is powerful enough. She is protective towards her brother, but is also political and diplomatic. Anything in common? Well, I’m just as determined as her, but she can go after wrong things, while I can’t. That’s it.

Q: Meghna’s styling is pretty different from the look of the show. Your thoughts?

Shikha: You know, most of the styling ideas that are used are mine. I wanted Meghna to be a simplistic character, with Satya Paul type sarees, a messy bun and a big black bindi which would be her statement. This is enough to have an impact, and I also didn’t want the loud make up and jewellery normally associated with negative characters. Thankfully, the creative team was on the same page as me. And I think this approach has worked.

Q: Has the audience response reduced some of your apprehension?

Shikha: Absolutely! The response has been very positive and people now know me as Meghna from Sasural Simar Ka. The look, style, attitude of the character seems to be working. The other day I stepped into a mall for lunch while I was still in costume, and a woman approached me and said, “I’ve seen you in Sasural Simar Ka, but you look so small in real life! You look very big in the show!” That was really funny and sweet.

Q: You’re at loggerheads with everyone on screen. How is the off-screen equation with your co-stars?

Shikha: Thankfully it’s really chilled out. I have most of my scenes with Rohit (Shaurya) and he’s really nice. I have also shot with Deepika (Simar) and Nimishaji (Manoranjan) and whatever little interaction I’ve had was very good. I also shot with Avika and she’s a baby! I worked with her in Kitchen Champion when she was little Anandi. I had picked her up on my shoulder in the show and my back hurt for the whole night. We remembered those times and had a great laugh!

Q: So what’s next with Meghna Singhania in the show?

Shikha: See, now the stage is set for all the plotting and planning from Shaurya and my side. I was pretty visible in the show recently, but will now take a back seat and let Shaurya do the dirty work. Without revealing too much, I can safely say that Meghna will come out as the mastermind behind all of Shaurya’s bad deeds. But if you ask me the hows and whys of this development, I have honestly no clue. But the show has more twists and turns than I have seen in any other show, so I can tell you that it will be interesting! 

On that note, we say goodbye and wish Shikha all the best for her evil plotting and planning (on the show of course)

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