The last ladder to Golden Briefcase: Synopsis, Halla Bol Day 17
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The housemates cannot wait till the judgment day of the finale as the excitement and anxiety take over their spirits and mood. The sudden departure of Upen from the show has left a gaping hole in the minds of not just Karishma Tanna but also the other housemates as they start their morning by reminiscing in the memories shared with him.

The last task for winning the golden briefcase containing 25 lakhs is announced. In the final task for the additional prize money Bigg Boss introduced the task ‘Aakhri Seedi’ where the Champions and the Challengers will have to build the ladder to reach the golden briefcase hanging in the middle of the garden. The task would not be as easy, since the steps to build the ladder would be in possession of the opposite team and they can only build the ladder by stealing the steps from their counterparts. Looting has not been  particularly an easy activity in the house, since all the housemates have been seasoned over time after their experience in burglary during various tasks like ‘Museum Task’, ‘Yeh Tera Ghar, Yeh Mera Ghar’, ‘Lambas vs Babbars’ and ‘Oonchi Hai Building’. But the temptation of the golden briefcase has gotten all the housemates to step up their games one more notch, as they begin to strategize and plan their coup to win the task in the final week of the show.

In this season of Bigg Boss, from the very first task ‘Hijack’ to the most recent task ‘Torture Cage’ all of them have had their fair share of drama and fights, so how could the task of ‘Aakhri Seedi’ be any different. As old wounds are rehashed between Karishma and Pritam, new bruises are caused by the cat fight between Dimpy and Sambhavana. The bitterness seems to be oozing out, as each housemate gets more and more personal against each other in a bid to hold on and prove their mettle to become the ultimate winner of Bigg Boss – Halla Bol.

As day turns into night, the Challengers lock horns with the Champions refusing to lose the claim to the golden briefcase and the riches inside it. Which team will inch towards the briefcase first by building the ladder and which team will pull the other down?

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