The Khiladis cross the half way mark! #KKK6
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  • March 13, 2015
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The Saturday episode comes with good news for Khiladis as they complete their journey halfway through and this brings smiles on everyone’s tired faces! But a quick reminder by Rohit Shetty that the ‘Khatra’ only rises up from here on, sets everyone focused.

The tasks of the day are lined up and Rohit explains that one of the tasks includes a specially designed car that has taken one a half months to be manufactured This would be the first ever stunt like this in the history of Fear Factor!! The car doesn’t have a roof but a seating which is about 6 to 8 feet high from the roof, and when the car takes a break it doesn’t stop but gets airlifted. All seem to be in awe with this particular stunt!

Rohit also reveals about several twists involved during the day, first one is a stunt involving partner. Rohit calls out the pairs as – Rakesh-Sagarika, Chang-Iqbal and Nandish and a surprise partner that comes in a boat! Who is this new Khiladi?

The next stunt involves height and contestants are placed on top of a tanker hanging in mid-air. The task is to open the tanker, crawl in and join two wires which are running on currents. How shocking! (pun intended)

Later during the day Rohit tells them that there will be a special treatment for all Khiladis since they are all in South Africa and the treat would be a South African dinner!

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