The Highs And Lows In The House Of Bigg Boss, Synopsis, Day 11
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The doors of the Bigg Boss house have also opened up the gates for feelings of animosity, jealousy and distrust to enter. By now Deepshika’s team holds a higher stature in the house as Pritam’s team continues to dance to their whims and fancies. Deepshika’s team has the prerogative of not doing a single chore in the house, and every demand of theirs’ would have to be fulfilled by the slaves of the house.

Since Pritam’s team has no privileges, they require an approval and permission from Deepshika’s team at every step. The disparity between the two teams seems to have fueled a fire that was waiting to ignite.  Frivolous topics have become reasons for a rift between the housemates. In spite of being slaves, Pritam’s team decided to perform it as sportingly as possible. Gautam dressed as a French waiter served Deepshika’s team with all humility while the rest of them cooked food and cleaned up the house. 

Bigg Boss announced the nominations procedure for the week and all the contestants were asked to gather in the living area. With the Big Bomb being thrown on Sukirti, her nomination by Sonali for this week was imminent. While most predicted that Gautam would be an obvious choice of nomination, it was yet to be seen who would be the other housemate accompanying Gautam and Sukirti under the danger of eviction this week. Called into the confession room one by one, each contestant gave 3 names of their choice, and finally Gautam and Praneet were the housemates who gathered maximum number of nominations.  

The biggest surprise came in the form of an unexpected entry into the house, when Sonali Raut made her comeback into the show leaving all the housemates in shock and surprise. While some were happy to see her again on the show, most were certainly baffled. With this twist Bigg Boss has once again made the house full with all 15 members under one roof. 

Known to be fair and just Bigg Boss gave each of the nominated contestants an opportunity to appeal to the audience as well as sort any differences with other members of the house through a tete-a-tete called “Dil Ki baat Pritam ke Saath”. 

Would the differences subside? Or would it be too late for Gautam, Praneet and Sukirti? 

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