The Great Indian Voice Competition – Who do you think will be the winner ?
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  • April 13, 2023
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The episode unveils with Beeji giving Ashirwad to Elahi for the music competition and aside thinking she will do the same thing to Elahi as she did to Diljyot. Jordan looks at Elahi as he gets on the bus and goes to the Gurudwara. As Jahaan introduces Elahi to his mother, Elahi gets a sound of Diljyot.

Onto the next day, we see Beeji is mixing something in Elahi’s food when suddenly Amardeep enters. Beeji feeds Elahi the adulterated food so that Elahi’s voice gets affected. The Great Indian Voice Competition is about to start. As Husna clicks photos of Jahaan and Elahi, Jordan comes in between and Husna clicks the photos of them. While Jordan removes Jahaan from a photo of all the three together, Jahaan surprises Elahi with fireflies when thy practice under a tree.

On the day of the audition, During the audition, on Maheep’s command, Jordan’s friends make sure that her kurta gets stuck on a nail. As she comes to sing, her kurta tears and she feels helpless. Jahaan sees that her suit is torn and some boys are making video. He stops them and Maheep watching this, gets angry.

Do you think Maheep will be successful in eliminating Elahi from the competition ?

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