The Great Divide! Synopsis, Episode 8
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As week 1 came to an end in the Bigg Boss house, a lot of stories unfolded. The happy family was taken by surprise as two new members of the Secret Society, Deepshikha Nagpal and Preetam Singh entered their humble abode. While none can predict the plans and schemes that Bigg Boss has in store for the passengers, it was evident that turbulence was about to hit this smooth sailing flight.

The anxious wait of the passengers to hear the distinguished voice of Bigg Boss came to an end as Bigg Boss addressed the passengers directly for the first time. But with sugar came the spice as Bigg Boss announced the first ‘team task’ for all the passengers. With Deepshika and Preetam as captains, the passengers were divided into two teams. Deepshika chose Karishma, Diandra, Minisha, Sushant, Upen and Aarya; while Preetam chose Sukirti, Sony, Natasa, Puneet, Praneet and Gautam. 

The task at hand was ‘Hijack’, where Preetam’s team had to occupy seats placed in the garden and Deepshika’s team would have to force them out of the seats. The task had no rules except for the use of physical force and the reward for the winning team would be admission in the main Bigg Boss house. 

Deepshika’s team used every trick in the bag to uproot Preetam’s team from their seats. From smearing dirty brooms and mops on their heads and body to applying shaving foam, from rubbing dirty slippers and shoes on their faces to emptying washing soap on their heads. But that just seemed to be the beginning of a very long day, as Gautam, Puneet and Praneet seemed to enjoy the spirit of competition and they all stayed on their seats bearing every pain inflicting tactic of the opposition team.  Finally when they began chafing chili powder and paste on the faces and bodies of the seated passengers, was when the competitive spirit turned into hostility and antagonism. Things took an ugly turn as Gautam had an outburst of rage towards Karishma when he could not bear the chili anymore and hurled abuses towards Karishma.

What started as a task turned into an ugly feud, dividing the once positive and happy passengers into two groups pitting them against each other. In spite of the great divide, Gautam managed to become the villain of the house. By losing his mettle in midst of the task and attracting the wrath of all the members in the flight, Gautam got ostracized by all. Though he pleaded and begged for forgiveness, Karishma was clearly not in a mood to show any mercy. 

The drama only awaits to intensify as role reversal will happen tomorrow where Preetam’s team will be asked to torment Deepshika’s team and compel them to leave their seats. The atmosphere in the Flight Bigg Boss 8 has only started to become malevolent. Will the members of the secret society succeed in breaching the positivity and creating rifts between the passengers?

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