The girls in the House hate Gautam?
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  • November 10, 2014
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Ahan! Diandra and Karishma are doing a great job in training the newbies in the house, briefing them about the history of this season! The first thing they cleared about was why they carry so much of hatred for Gauti! Karishma went on saying, the day she stepped inside the flight and the way Gautam presented himself to her gave her an intuition that things wouldn’t go well between them.Wow, Tanna didn’t know you have such a strong sixth sense! 


Whereas Diandra, who got along only with Gautam during the initial days, stated the moment she sensed his ‘Psycho nature’ she chose to move away from him. Oh Di, is this really the reason? And not that all went wrong for you after the first fight between Karishma and Gautam where Gautam abused her on national television! And since all were against Gautam you went with them too?? Weren't you the one who accused one of your close friends in house to follow ‘herd mentality’? Ah, well!


Making Gautam a laughing stock, Dimpy added that she observed him on television when he sang the song“Diandra toh gayi Bandra,Sonali chalo chalein Manali”.In fact she even mentioned about a love triangle gone sour! We understand which triangle in the house you are referring too Dimpy. All I can say is do whatever you want to do man, love him or hate him but you can't ignore him!


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