The four contenders to perform the captaincy task tonight on Bigg Boss 11.
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The contenders tonight for this week’s captaincy are – Luv, Priyank, Hina and Shilpa. Their performance in the task will determine who will be the next captain.





Before that Hina reads out the task letter which states that the four contenders need to stand on one frame placed in the garden area. Every contender will try to make his/her co-contender get off the frame. Even if one leg of the person touches the ground, the contender should be considered to be out of this competition so obviously if the contender gets off the frame completely will be considered out of this fight.





Vikas and Hina tell Luv that he doesn’t need this captaincy as he is getting lots of votes these days and that he is already a star. In the meanwhile Puneesh and Akash by different means try making the contenders whom they don’t want as captain to get out of the frame by using oil, shampoo and shaving foam etc under their feet. On the other hand Arshi keeps wiping them off.





Puneesh and Akash state that the task shouldn’t be boring but fun and that’s why they use these things.





Who do you think will be able to survive till the end?



Do watch yet another entertaining episode tonight!

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