The first break down on Bigg Boss 8!
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As each task gets more challenging than the first, passengers of Flight BB08 have started to experience the severity of the journey that they have embarked on. And now passengers have come to realize the prominence of the authority that the Secret Society holds over them.


As one after the other the passengers have been given not one or two but four task on the very second day of their journey. Sacrifices on Day-2 have started in the form of sleep, as two passengers were made to stay up all night to fulfill the second task of their journey. Upen and Gautam were chosen by the Secret Society to undertake this task.

Minisha and Sukirit cycle to provide water to Housemates - Qurbaniyan Task (1)


As the morning arrived, the passengers realized the supply of water was cut from the flight. Just then the passengers were informed of their next task. Two passengers were required to cycle rigorously to earn their water supply.

Sukirti hurt and starts crying after Upen snaps at her (1)


It has taken just two days for the viewers to witness the very first breakdown of Bigg Boss 8, as Sukirti sheds tears on being hurt by Upen’s snappy reaction.

Sony and Aarya selected by Secret Society to sacrifice food


As the day progressed, the Secret Society decided that they would test the will of the passengers even more, as they asked two passengers to sacrifice their food in the next task.

Sushant and Diandra selected by secret society for the task where their movement will be restricted (2)


The Secret Society bestowed upon the passengers another task that left the house mates zapped. Two house mates were asked sacrifice their freedom of movement. Diandra and Sushant were chosen to perform the task. Covered in mud, they were made to stand in a classic Michael Jackson pose with their hands in the air.
While all four tasks were taken over by the contestants in the most patient and cheerful manner, only time will tell if this silence is the step towards the coming storm? Patience and hardwork tested on the very second day of the eighth season of Bigg Boss says a lot about what to expect in the upcoming episodes.
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