The family returns to Bharadwaj house! Sasural Simar Ka Weekly Recap 20th-26th Feb
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The week started on a sombre note for the Bharadwaj family as doctors gave up hope for Simar. The family was grief-stricken to hear that the doctors would take Simar off life support if her condition didn’t improve in the next 24 hours. Khushi saw all this, and visited Veeru in jail to give him the good news. But he turned a deaf ear to all her assurances of getting him out of jail. 

Simar gained consciousness for a while when Prem was at her bedside, but blacked out again before the family could see her. Prem was unable to take this grief, and rushed to the police station to punish Veeru for what he had done to Simar. He pointed a gun at Veeru, but couldn’t bring himself to kill him. At the hospital, Roli was missing and Siddhant had a hard time looking for her, and handling Naina’s calls at the same time.

The family was shocked to know about Prem’s skirmish with Veeru, and asked him not to do it again for his daughter Anjali’s sake. Their distress was doubled when the doctor informed them that Simar was showing no improvement and they would pull the plug in the next 12 hours. Prem begged them not to do so, but the doctors asked him not to live in false hopes.

Roli, numb with grief, joined a group of worshippers to go to Matarani’s temple to pray for Simar. She climbed the steps with bare bleeding feet, and vowed to hold a lit lamp in front of the Goddess till Simar recovered. In the hospital, the doctors took Simar off the ventilator in front of the grieving family, but Simar gasped for breath just as they pulled the plug, much to everyone’s relief! Siddhant, who had been looking for Roli, caught her just as she collapsed due to exhaustion and gave her the good news that Simar had survived.

Simar and the family were proud of Roli for fighting to save Simar’s life, and everyone rallied around Simar as she recovered.  Simar insisted on going home immediately, and the family happily agreed. But just as the family was looking forward to step into Bharadwaj house, Khushi surprised them by welcoming them in the house! She argued that since she was still Sankalp’s wife, she had every right to stay in the Bharadwaj house, and the family had to grudgingly let her stay till the divorce

While the family was happy, Siddhant was burdened by his guilt of cheating on Roli. When Mataji asked him to tie the mangalsutra around Roli’s neck once again, he tried to delay it, and the family had to convince him to do it. He also behaved indifferent towards Roli, and on noticing this, spoke to Simar about her misgivings. But Simar calmed her down, and told her that with some love and care, their relationship would be right on track.

The family has gotten its property back, and happy times are expected. But the next week will tell us if Siddhant’s secret will destroy the peace that they have gotten after such a long time.

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