The ex- files!
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  • January 1, 2013
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Rajev's claims to be on the show to woo his ex-wife – Delnaz, helped him gain initial sympathy votes of his audiences. Just as the game is entering its final stage, his reality is out in open not just to the audiences but has also become apparent to his ex-wife. After 80 odd days of surviving together in the house post a divorce, Delnaz finally opened up about the motives of her husband. While talking to Niketan, Delnaz opened up about how Rajev, being a 42 year old man is chasing Sana who is 24 and is not using his wisdom and maturity to decipher how Sana's interests lie only in Vishal. She goes on to talk about how she never made fake claims of being on the show only to woo her ex-husband, but according to Rajev, she is the one who is being fake. While making a comment that how she would be happy if Rajev had moved on, she adds that she just realized how he had moved on even before she could tell him that. Looks like Delnaz has a lot more to take back from the show then just making some new friends. Where she thought her ex-husband is trying to make ends meet to get her back, his reality of falling for a girl half his age has definitely nailed the thought of maintaining a distance from him hereon.

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