The Day when everything went wrong!
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Okay, so you wouldn't know exactly what happened inside the house that created a havoc and made Big Boss take such a harsh decision against Puneet! 


It was the beginning of another week, bringing the luxury budget task, and the task was named ‘Oochi hai building’ which sounded to be a fun task!  As per the directions given in the task, the housemates were divided into two teams- A and B,  one team included – Diandra, Praneet, Karishma, Arya and Ali,  whereas another team included – Puneet, Gautam, Pritam, Sonali and Sushant. 


The two teams were supposed to make individual buildings and captain Upen would in the end decide which team’s building is taller by himself not being part of either of the teams.Two important rules to it being , while one team was making the building one of the same team members would move the given ‘chakki’ in the garden area only during that time the building could be constructed and  at the same time the opposite team members could do anything to stop them from making the building!! Sounds interesting up-till now right? But wait for the real part of the story!  


As soon as the teams heard the alarm, Puneet’s team pounced on the given materials and started to make the building, while Puneet himself held the chakki to move .Everything was going just fine when Arya got himself around the chakki so that he could stop Puneet from moving it, and it all went haywire after that! In the process to stop the wheel from moving, Arya gave all that he could to stop the wheel but in order to stop this Puneet caught hold of Arya from behind which made both of them fall on the ground hurting Arya a little more! Ouch! 


Well, this was the ugly turn to the entire task! Not only these two, but I saw many more getting hurt in the process, in fact Diandra and Pritam on the other hand got into some heated argument, too.  I could only see chaos and nothing else. Looking at how things had already gone out of control, Big Boss asked to halt the task then and there. Arya, who was badly hurt , had lost all the cool by then and started shouting aggressively, yelling that it was a severe hinsa on him! He wanted to talk to Big Boss right away! And without further delay seeing the gravity of the matter he was called inside the confession room. What was told by Big Boss to Arya? Puneet had broken a very important rule by getting physical,what action would be taken against him?? Will the task ever get completed?


Catch the episode tonight at 9 pm!


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