The countdown has begun for Rajji, Bani: Ishq Da Kalma, Weekly review 2nd Sept to 6th Sep
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Bani finally comes to know that Gagan is behind all this, she tries talking it out with her and convince her to take the case back, in return she receives a cold shoulder from Gagan.

Angad and Gugi return home after seeing Sohum all bruised up and wounded back in the police station. They inform the family members that they need 50,000 rupees to get Sohum out of the jail. They even say that they cannot only rely on Bani as she failed to convince Ganga on the phone call and is now going back to her house to sort the matter with her mother-in-law Manpreet, and ask for help.

Bani reaches her house and is greeted by Gagan in a very rude manner at the door step. Not only she insults Bani but doesn’t even allow her to step in, giving a reason that she is no more a part of the family and that Manpreet has paid her off well, so that she never returns. Bani being pushed away by Gagan, goes back to the memory lane and all th ups and downs of her married life flash in front of her.

Bani returns to Rajji’s place empty hand and lies to them that she didn’t go to her sasural. Bua is not all happy with the inhuman behavior Bani has shown and reprimand both Rajji and Bani for what they have caused to her dearest Sohum. 

Term it as an effort to save her husband, Rajji sells off all her jewellery to arrange for the money needed for Sohum’s bail. This in return shocks Bua but she is equally pleased that Rajji is not what she has thought off. Rajji hands over the money to Angad and asks him to hurry up and the get the bail done before the court closes for the day.

Sohum is out of the jail and is informed by Gugi, how Rajji was so much worried about him and how she made efforts to arrange the money even after hearing so much from Buaji. Gugi suggests Sohum to think about getting closer to Rajji which in return is denied by Sohum and he tells that he only loves Bani and would continue doing so.

Back at Bani’s place, she still can’t make up her mind on how to tell the family members that she has been thrown out from her sasural. Desho and family are all decked up for Jas’s marriage. Meanwhile Bani gets a call from Manpreet and has some heartfelt conversation.

Sohum returns home and Rajji being a dutiful wife addresses his wounds and prepares haldi milk. Seeing this Bua ji’s heart almost melts and before she could go up to Rajji and tell her verdict whether Rajji has passed the test or not, the matchmaker barges in and inform the family members that the girl’s family has approved of Sohum’s second marriage. Bua ji asks the matchmaker to fix up a date to meet the girl and take things forward.

When Buaji faces a barrage of question from Angad and Simran, she declares that though Rajji has passed in various tests, the final say would be Soham’s as Rajji still has to win over Soham’s heart. Buaji gives 10 days to Rajji in which she has to please Sohum and make him fall for her. The argument is still on between Angad, Simran and Bua, later is still being adamant that Rajji still has to prove that she is a good wife than being a good daughter in law. 

Meanwhile at Bani’s sasural, Manpreet comes to know that all what has happened with Sohum is Gagan’s fault. Manpreet warns Gagan that if she didn’t take the case back she would go ahead and tell everything to Daar ji and then whatever the outcome would be, Gagan will be responsible. Shell-shocked Gagan calls up the police station and takes back her case. Bani calls up Rajji and shares the good news with her.

Back at Bani’s place, Jas’s wedding preparations are in full swing. The wedding cards are to be set out and Beeji asks Bani to confirm whether Parmeet’s family is back in town or not so that Nirvel can go to her place and invite them. Bani refuses so, which triggers a doubt in Beeji’s mind.

Seeing Rajji restless and tensed about winning over Sohum’s heart, Buaji talks it out with her and tell her, tough she is a good bahu she also needs to be a good wife. But this way she can reach nowhere. She also tells Rajji that if both she and Sohum are happy without each other than that should be so.

Rajjji is trying her best to find a place is Sohum’s heart by taking utmost care and showering warmth to him. Buaji asks Sohum if he is ready for a re-marriage to which Sohum replies that he doesn’t have a problem and would do whatever Bua wants her to do. Angad, Simran and Rajji are shocked at his reply. 

Will Rajji win over Sohum’s heart? Will Bani be successful in hiding the truth from her family member?

Stay tuned to this space to know more!

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