The contender having maximum eggs in his or her nest will win the captaincy tonight on Bigg Boss 11!
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  • November 10, 2017
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As we all know Bandgi, Akash and Sabyasachi will fight for captaincy tonight, the task for the same is quite unique.





Each contender will have a nest on his or her name and the remaining housemates will have an egg each.  Benafsha, Hina and Hiten will together have one egg.





The game is to ensure the contender has maximum eggs in his or her nest in order to win the captaincy. The role of other housemates would be to offer their eggs to their favorite contender so that they win.





As per the task rules, the housemates can do anything to ensure their favorite contender wins. For that matter even breaking someone else’s egg! Now this will be quite interesting.


The contenders will be seen strategizing and reaching out to their supporters to come up with best schemes to be able to have maximum eggs.





A lot of politics to happen during the task.  Bigg Boss housemates who are  clearly divided into two groups will be seen plotting against each other.


Who do you think will win captaincy tonight? Stay tuned for the same!

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