The biggest secret on ‘Ek Shringaar Swabhimaan’ is about to get revealed!
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In a shocking twist on ‘Ek Shringaar Swabhimaan’ it gets revealed that Kunal is not the biological son of NK and Nirmala but Sandhya. The secret which is known by Pushpa, and she keeps blackmailing Sandhya about telling this to everyone in the Chauhan family. Naina gets the shock of her life after she overhears this! Pushpa asks Sandhya for a deal, as per which Sandhya has to ensure that the only son of the Chauhan family i.e. Karan gets married to Saawri and not Naina.


Sandhya extremely worried about the same assures Pushpa that she will ensure the same happens.





During the week we will also see that Saawri, who always gets dressed up as a bride and solely aims to get married to Karan somehow comes to know that Karan and Naina are getting married and it’s not her who is the actual bride. In an extremely furious state she decides to confront everyone and reveal everything.


Saawri is about to take a drastic step that Nirmala senses, and due to nervousness the latter faints during one of the functions.





What is Saawri going to do? Will it get worse after this? Is this big secret going to make the entire Chauhan household crumble?


Watch ‘Ek Shringaar Swabhimaan’ to know how the story unfolds.


Mon-Fri at 9:30 PM!

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