The biggest Luxury Loot in the House!
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  • November 14, 2014
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And yet again, another 'claim the luxury budget' task was announced which could make the housemates earn the maximum luxury items. Well, now this is the sole thing in the house which has the collective consent by all the housemates. Anytime and everytime!


As per the task, one of the housemates had to drive a car, along with another housemate leaning with half the body outside the car to pull out maximum danglers named after the luxury items, and guess what? Two of those also had some people’s make up items! *Heeheehaha* Do I need to mention who must have been the most excited ones for this particular task?


Aarya and Pritam took up the challenge; Aarya  drove the car while Pritam tried pulling the maximum danglers. As the rest cheered on, it was a thrilling moment when towards the end of the task, all of them rejoiced in happiness because they had maximum luxury items in their kitties!Woohoo!! But did Pritam succeed in pulling out the makeup items?


Find out in the episode tonight at 9 pm!


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