The Battle Between Good And Evil Continues On ‘Devanshi’
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  • May 11, 2017
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After finally having gotten the upper hand on Kusum Sundari, Devanshi continues her quest to further expose Kusum’s wrongdoings in front of everyone. Vardaan came back to life through Devanshi’s faith and belief. Mohan’s accomplice was revealed to be Golu who admitted that Mohan bribed him to drive Vardaan’s car and make the accident happen. Devanshi wants justice for what he did and revealed that she knew it was him but wanted to catch him red-handed. The tables have been turned and seems like things are finally looking up for Devanshi. She deserves some peace after all that she has been through.


Kusum may be in a prison of her own making now, but she continues to plot against Devanshi and bring her reign to an end because she is not one to give up as you will see in the further episodes. Devanshi has always been a strong character but to see her battle against all odds to see justice done proves that she is not a person to be trifled with and her love and faith makes gives her power to overcome whatever evil comes her way or the people she cares about.


In the upcoming episodes, you will see how Devanshi doles out justice by making a surprising decision to see Golu punished for his deeds. Kusum’s countless secrets in her attempt to fool people are further revealed and she gets truly cornered. But in a last ditch effort, Kusum Sundari may have a sinister plan up her sleeve with the help of the baba. Who will succeed in this battle of wits between the two? Is this the end of Kusum Sundari or will she make a comeback?


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