Thapki reveals her past to Tina and Bani
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Previously on the show, Thapki confronted Shraddha and Sankar after an incident they plotted that didn’t go according to plan and warned them to stop their repeated attempts to put everyone in harm’s way. Later, Thapki eavesdropped on a conversation between Shraddha and Sankar to find out that Tina is actually her daughter. She broke down and remembered all the times when Tina showed signs of being her daughter.

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Tina and Bani were bonding in the other room when Thapki came in and hugged them. She then went on to reveal to Tina and Bani that they are both sisters by birth and Bihaan-Thapki are their parents. Thapki then proceeded to tell them the truth about her past and Bihaan’s life being in danger. Vasundhara also joined them and they all planned a way to get Bihaan’s memory back together.

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What is Thapki planning to do next?


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