Thapki Pyar Ki Spoiler : Will Thapki finally reveal the truth about Vasundhra to the family?
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Just last week, Thapki was caught in a life and death situation when her family was being robbed of ancestral jewels and Thapki tried stopping the burglars. Her efforts finally paid off and the thieves were arrested by the police just in time. This event brought about a lot of change in attitude in the family especially in her mother-in-law, Vasundhra. A little skeptical over Thapki's sacrificial gesture, Vasundhra is busy trying to wrap her head around why in spite of all the pain that the family caused Thapki, she was still willing to risk her life forr them. There is a marked difference in Vasundhra's behavior post the incident, however when Shraddha comes to know about it, she manipulates Vasundhra into believing that the robbery must have been hatched by Thapki’s in order to fit into the family. While all this is going on, Bihaan is seen turning really emotional and asking Thapki the reason for her risking her life to fight the thieves. He even goes onto urge Thapki to tell everyone the truth about how she took Vasundhra's blame on herself. On hearing Bihaan, Thapki turns furious and asks Bihaan not to interfere as things were running smooth so far. Bauji, who accidentally over hears the conversation decides to take things in his own hands. The very next day, Thapki witnesses the family doing the household chores in the cowshed; Balwinder and Dadi inform Thapki how that they too would be staying in the cowshed with them from that moment on. Shraddha and Vasundhara on finding out the reason for the family's change in behaviour decide to inform Thapki about it. Will Thapki finally reveal the truth? Will Thapki's revelation change the way the family sees Vasundhara and Shraddha? Will Balwinder's plan work? Will he be able to reunite the family once again? To find out watch Thapki Pyar Ki 

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