Thapki Pyaar Ki Spoiler: Thapki to divorce Bihaan
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  • March 23, 2016
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True love can make you do incredible things; even if it means sacrificing oneself for the sake of the other. Thapki and Bihaan while on their way back home from dinner; Thapki gets teased by some street side goons. Unable to bare the humiliation meted out to Thapki, Bihaan ends up getting into a fight with the mobsters which gets him shot. Shattered to see Bihaan in such a state, Thapki quickly rushes him to the nearest hospital. Apart from getting worried about Bihaan’s condition in the hospital, Thapki not long after, was in for another shock. The doctors asked Thapki to get more blood for Bihaan's operation as his health had started to deteriorate drastically. Nowhere to turn and no help at hand, Thapki turned towards her mother-in-law, Vasundhara for help. Vasundhara who is known to have a strong disliking towards Thapki takes undue advantage of her situation and agrees to help Thapki only on the condition that she would divorce Bihaan in return. Already stuck in a complex web of problems, Thapki has to now decide between saving Bihaan’s life or putting an end to their relationship. Thapki is seen agreeing to Vasundhara’s proposal only because she wants to save her husband's life more than anything. Stuck in a dilemma, Thapki has to now break Bihaan’s trust and betray him in exchange for his life. Unable to bear the thought of breaking Bihaan’s heart who she is so madly in love with too, Thapki has to now take a drastic step. Destiny had already played its game. All she can do now is to curb her feelings for him and crush his heart. Will this be the end of Thapki and Bihaan love story? Will Bihaan be able to save Thapki from Vasundhara’s evil plans? To find out watch Thapki Pyar Ki Monday to Sunday, 7 PM

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