Thapki is soon going to find out about Vasundhara’s secret!
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Bihan was shattered when he came to know of Thapki’s intentions of leaving him as he wasn’t aware of the reasons for her taking such a drastic decision. Even after Thapki’s request for a divorce, Bihaan decided to not end their relationship as he felt that she was under some kind of external pressure that pushed her into taking such a huge step. Bihaan is now all set to get to the bottom of it and find out the person responsible for it. Upon Bihaan’s request Thapki returns to the Pandey house to stay with the rest of the family. While Bihaan was glad to hear the news, Vasundhara was irked with Thapki’s decision. Thapki’s only intentions of returning to the house is to find out the person who was responsible for the groom change drama during her marriage. Vasundhra who has been against Thapki from the very beginning will be seen setting fire to Thapki’s cupboard which contains all of Thapki’s marriage CDs and photographs in order to hide the truth about the groom change episode from everyone in the family especially Thapki. While trying to save her belongings from the fire, Thapki comes across the evidence that Vasundhara is trying to hide from the family. Will Thapki finally find out the culprit responsible for the groom change? To find out stay tuned to Thapki Pyar ki

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