Thapki Has A Hard Time Accepting Bihaan’s Death on ‘Thapki Pyar Ki’
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Previously on the show, Vasundhara rescued Thapki from Shraddha after she put a tracking chip on Shraddha which she got from the cops to find where she was keeping Thapki. Vasundhara promised to end all her sins and took a Goddess’s trishul to stab Shraddha. Shraddha begged for forgiveness but Vasundhara said she needed to be punished for all her crimes and was about to stab her when Balwinder came and told her to spare Shraddha. The cops arrested Shraddha.

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Thapki returned home after being rescued by Vasundhara. She saw Bihaan’s clothes and had a hard time accepting his death. She had a dream where Bihaan told her that he will not leave her so soon. He told her to listen to her heart and he will tell her when he comes back. They danced together. Thapki woke up and found herself in bed. Dhruv told her that the cops searched for Bani but couldn’t find her anywhere. Thapki said she will go and search for Bani.

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Thapki went to the police station and asked Shraddha where Bani is. Shraddha boasted that she defeated Thapki. She told Thapki that Bihaan is dead and maybe Bani too. Thapki said until she has sindoor and mangalsutra on her, Bihaan will be alive. Vasundhara came and told Thapki that their destiny is written by God and she has to accept the hard truth. Thapki refused to believe Bihaan is dead and said both, Bihaan and Bani will return soon.

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Fifteen years have passed since Bihaan’s death, Vasundhara asked the servant to decorate the house for Tina’s birthday and Roka ceremony. Vasundhara saw Bihaan’s photo frame and was about to put garland on it when Thapki showed up wearing sindoor and a mangalsutra. She snatched the garland from her and said Bihaan is still alive. Vasundhara asked Thapki to come back to her senses and accept the reality. Thapki said Bihaan is still in her world and recalled all the memories.

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In the coming episodes, Thapki continues her search for Bihaan and Bani. A character returns.


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