Teni feels odd after Shorvari & Parth start maintaining a distance with her!
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Parth, Shorvari and Teni’s relationship has finally hit the troubled waters. In last few episodes we saw how Shovari finds Teni and Parth together in middle of the night and senses something which shouldn’t be happening. Shorvari questions Parth about the same which surprises Parth totally. She clearly demands him to stay away from her, Parth abides by it.


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Next day Teni waits for Parth like every day to receive a chocolate from him, but Parth doesn’t turn up. When Teni approaches him he avoids talking to her which surprises Teni. Despite asking repeatedly when Parth doesn’t respond, this brings worry to Teni, she feels something not happening right after Shorvari too starts behaving weird with her.





On the other side of the story, we see both Sejal and Jagruti getting ready for Rishabh and his family who are supposed to come with a marriage proposal. Shorvari helps Jagruti making her ready, whereas Teni helps Sejal.






When Rishabh’s family finally arrives Sejal tricks Jagruti and doesn’t let her go in front of them first, rather takes away the tray from her hands and herself goes.


Shorvari understands this.


What’s going to happen next now? Can you guess?


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