Ten things you didn’t know about Priyanka Chopra
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Veteran actor Anupam Kher is back with his inspirational talk show ‘’The Anupam Kher Show’’ Season 2. His first guest for the rendez-vous is none other than the stylish, the gorgeous, and the diva – Priyanka Chopra. Former Miss World gets talking about everything right from where she began her journey.

The person of the night, Priyanka shared a lot about her life and we bet you would not be aware about some facts that she unveiled in the show.            

Priyanka is an epitome of stubbornness: Yes, you read it right! Priyanka Chopra was a stubborn kid and grew up to be a stubborn teenager. Adamant in her approach, she would readily say ‘’NO’’ to anyone at anytime without any guilt or regrets. Rightly so 'No' became her favorite word.

PeeCee is a self-confessed spoilt brat: Being the only girl child in her family for seven long years, Priyanka was a pampered kid. She takes pride when she says, ‘’Main abhi Bhi apne buas and masis ki favorite hoon” (I'm still the favorite among my aunts!)


Talkative much?: As a child Priyanka was a talkative kid and used to mimic people around her. She shares a funny incident where she mimicked an important army General’s way of burping in an event held at the army mess. Lol Max! We surely love your guts!

Priyanka faced Racism at age of 16: Priyanka shares a harsh experience while she was in America. She recalls how Afro-Americans mocked her as a ‘Brownie’ and taunted her to go cook curries. Being born into a Punjabi family, she was sometimes teased for her dusky complexion. We think you showed the world girl that skin color is no big deal.
She is an avid learner: Picking up the good things from people is what Priyanka has been doing for a while. She reveals that she learnt the lessons of punctuality from Akshay Kumar. She admires Amitabh Bachchan when he says no role is big or small. It is the performance that matters which will stay with people forever.

Men, please note! : It's not an easy task to woo Priyanka. She reveals that a man has to really to win her heart. And how you ask? She reveals about the time when her parents gifted her a beautiful 8 carat diamond ring. She feels her father has set the bar high for her potential partner. He would have to gift her an even bigger ring in order to woo her! 

Her ‘’Kuch Bhi Ho Sakta Hai’’ Moment : Priyanka reveals that winning Miss World title was a 'Kuch Bhi Ho Sakta Hai Moment' for her. She still wonders how a girl of 18, who never had a good experience with high heels or modeling, could achieve such a success. Oh Priyanka, you truly deserve every bit of it.



She hates failures: Priyanka sees herself as a potential winner in any persuit. What she hates the most is losing. This trait has been in her right from childhood.

Engineer PeeCee?: Priyanka talks about how she wanted to be an engineer because she didn't like seeing blood and would get unconscious even at the sight of it. And even though both her parents are doctors!

Priyanka's perfect man is… : She thinks she wants a guy who is an achiever, who is someone like her father. Funny and charming. She believes it's not very difficult to find someone like that. We bet you guys are just rushing to tweet her ASAP!

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