Ten fights that have created a stir in the house
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At the beginning of the season, Salman pointed out that the housemates were not actively participating and voicing their opinions when it was required. They all spoke behind each other's backs and had a very laid back attitude regarding everything in the house. But soon, there were some changes seen amongst the housemates and they were seen standing up against issues which many times led to heated arguments. Here are are some of the biggest fights that have happened inside the Bigg Boss house so far. 

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Rochelle- Rishabh: Rochelle and Rishabh had a huge fight that led to Rochelle abusing him back, which got Rishabh agitated and he ended up speaking to her as if she was a 'little' ant who he was planning to crush. And in between their tiff, Prince asked Rishabh to back off a little and not cross the line.

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Mandana-Prince: Bigg Boss day care was all about screams, cries, tantrums and diaper changes. On the second day the caretakers became the trouble makers kids and the kids became the caretakers. Mandana who was sick a day before and didn't particpate in the task got pretty excited when her turn to become the bachcha came on day two. Prince was pretty irritated by Mandana as he felt that she became all well in just a day when the easy part came. Prince repeating this again and again got Mandana really irritated, she got into a fight with Prince where she was seen hurling abuses which got Prince angry and he asked Mandana to behave herself and stop insulting and using bad language every now and then.

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Yuvika-Mandana: Never test anyone’s patience level because you never know what side of them you would see if you push them to the edge. And this was very much the case for someone in the house, Yuvika. The captain of the house Rishabh had given Yuvika a task to make the bed of every housemate while Yuvika was busy doing her work Mandana walked in and started shouting at her. Mandana said she wanted to relax and asked Yuvika as to why she was touching her bed. Yuvika got angry and she asked Mandana not to be so rude she is not a princess out here who will do whatever she wants. There were a lot of harsh things that they both said to each other but at the end, most of the housemates were seen supporting Yuvika except Rochelle who chose to remained neutral.

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Kishwer-Mandana: The 'Rickshaw' task was absolutely epic and we got to see so many fights happening every now and then in just one day of the task. Team B was quite bothered by the opposition team for throwing garbage and cold water on them. Targeting Mandana, Prince poured cold water on her irritating her further. In order to save Mandana’s mic, Kishwer caught hold of the mic and pulled it aside when Mandana unexpectedly kicked Kishwer on her abdomen.Within no time, Kishwer's temper hit the roof and she threw away her mic announcing that she won’t continue with the task. She also asked her team members Suyyash, Prince, Rimi and Puneet to comply with her. This caused alot of hassle in the Bigg Boss house and a tiff between the two teams broke.

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Prince-Suyyash: Our desi boyz Prince and Suyyash were vetted against each other by Bigg Boss in the luxury budget 'friends page' task. The lid finally blew open as soon as Suyyash wrote a status on his wall, which Prince thought was quite a personal pun aimed at him and he got into a dirty fight with his brother, Suyyash. That was some fight!

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Rochelle-Kishwer: The housemates were up to an other task called 'Bigg Boss got talent' competition. There was a dance off between Rimi and Rochelle. During the practice Kishwer asked Suyyash to help Rimi out in the start of the dance as there were a few lines in the song that required a man to perform. Rochelle pounced on Kishwer saying that Bigg Boss had given this dance off task to Rimi and her so no one else should get involved in it. This got to far as Rochelle wanted to play fair and Kishwer started thinking that Rochelle was just creating drama because she knew that Rimi was a better dancer than her. 

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Suyyash-Prince: It all started when Digangana took the carpet out of the house, and Rishabh stopped her from going out, but Suyyash said that Digangana was just a child and could do anything that she wants to. Prince claims that it is against Bigg Boss’ orders to go out of the house so Prince and Suyyash got into an argument while they both were screaming at each other.  Rishabh intervened in between, Suyyash asked him to stay out of it as this was their matter and they could solve it on their own. This fight casued a lot of differences between the two best friends , and Suyyash also got angry at Prince for getting too physical during the task.

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Rochelle-Mandana: The relationship between Mandana, Rochelle and Keith was going really great at the start and as time passed fights started occuring between them. All of a sudden Mandana started throwing her 'I don't care' attitude at Rochelle. When Mandana decided to go thank Keith and Rochelle who took care of her when she was unwell, the interaction broke ino a huge fight . Rochelle started putting her point of view but Mandana as usual got into another one of her arguments. After all the drama got over, Rochelle asked Keith to stop talking to her.

Rochelle-Mandana: While Mandana was playing the kid in the 'baby care centre' task she went bonkers and was seen dancing near the pool wearing the floating tube. Rochelle, who was playing sitter, went to do her job of changing the diaper and she tried to do it without causing any inconvenience to Mandana. She was trying to pull the diaper and that's when Mandana accused her of physically hurting her. Rochelle was taken back by this and revolted against her to defend herself. There was a lot of screaming and shouting between both of them.

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Rishabh-Prince: During the hotel task, things got a little nasty when Rishabh and Mandana were given the secret task of getting any 2 housemates irritated so that they would leave the task in between. Rishabh went all out to torture the housemates like he made Kishwer play fetch for 3 hours and asked Digangana to cook non-vegetarian and alot more which got the housemates especially Prince really angry and alot of fights followed post that. .


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