Television Actors v/s OTT Stars: Housemates of Dil and Dum makaan scramble for ration!
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  • November 8, 2023
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After the thunderous storm that nominations brought, the pressure to get ahead in the game has spiked up in the house. Amid the dynamics that have exposed the Achilles heels of many contestants who are scrambling for food, the master of the house announces a one-of-a-kind ration task. With the Dimaag wale as judges, the debate competition between the inhabitants of the Dil and Dum makaan decides who is awarded the ration. The topic of the debate is the controversial matter that has pitted contestants belonging to two different occupations since the first week. It’s television actors versus OTT stars! These two teams are seen arguing for opposing positions and this spicy no-holds-barred debate brings everyone’s strength, vulnerability, and weakness to the fore. The pent-up frustration is bound to make contestants spew scathing remarks that might put some debaters out of their wits. Which team will emerge victorious and take a big share of the ration to their makaan?

Having a friend by one’s side can make a huge difference to a contestant’s journey on the show. Munawar Faruqui and Mannara Chopra have had each other’s backs since the premiere, but recent events seem to have uncovered the weak links of their bond. In tonight’s episode, Mannara claims that Anurag Dobhal aka Babu Bhai is her best friend in the house as of now. To this Munawar hurled a playful taunt at Mannara, saying that even Firoza Khan aka Khanzaadi is her best friend. This does not go down well with Mannara, who expects an apology from Munawar in front of all the contestants. Will Munawar apologise to Mannara, or will their friendship suffer?

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