Tej attempts to kill Tapasya! Weekly Update: 21st to 26th Dec
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The week began with Gunwanti discouraging Tapasya to stay away from her son. Tapasya, in return, challenged her that she would reveal the truth in front of Veer and get Ichcha her rightful place in the haveli. Veer, after overhearing this conversation, approached Tapasya and revealed how he has got he his memory back. But he also questioned on her motives to help Ichcha. Watch their full conversation in this video.

Last week, Vishnu confessed that he is out to take revenge from Meethi’s family and this week too we saw glimpses of his background story. In flashback, we saw Vishnu reveal that his real name is Akash Chatterjee and has taken the false identity of Vishnu. Watch how Akash became Vishnu in this video

While Vishnu is remembering his bad deeds, Mukta comes to his house to clarify her doubts and tries to look for a scar she had seen in one of his old pictures. Watch here to know if Mukta found out anything. 

Veer and Tapasya plan to confront Gunwanti in order to know the reason behind her lies. But before that Veer drinks the medicine-induced milk and again gets a memory lapse. Tapasya forces him to remember all that he told her but Veer remains confused. Gunwanti asks Tapsaya to leave her son alone and not to cause him any more mental pain. Tapasya, not believing his memory lapse to be co-incidental, sets to find out if Veer is being drugged. Watch how Gunwanti saved herself from being exposed!

After repeated attempts to get rid of Tapasya, Tej Singh attacks her when he’s drunk and tries to rape her. But Tapasya manages to throw him out of the room and threatens to burn him. Watch as Tapasya saves her life from her vicious husband.

After failing to attack her physically, Tej Singh removes the brakes of Tapasya’s car as she sets out to meet Mukta. Will Tapasya manage to save her life? Watch this space to know more updates!

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