Tears of joy for Bigg Boss contestants
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  • December 6, 2013
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The best gift anybody can ever receive is love and blessing from their friends and family. The Bigg Boss contestants are always longing to meet or hear from their families and when that happens, their emotions know no bounds.  

After Armaan’s team won this week’s luxury budget task, Bigg Boss promises them that they will be rewarded for their triumph soon. Staying true to his promise, Bigg Boss sends a gift for the winning team in a gift wrapped box. The box contains personalized letters for Armaan, Tanishaa, Andy and Sangram that have been sent for them by their families. While Armaan receives a letter from his mother, Tanishaa gets a collage of picture from her mother Tanuja. Andy gets a message from his brother and Sangram, a letter is from his girlfriend Payal. So intense is their emotion on receiving their gifts, that tears of joy trickle from everyone’s eyes. In fact, Armaan  goes on to read the letter from his mother over and over again, while Tanishaa cannot get enough of the pictures that have been sent for her.

Surely, the emotional moments will make the contestants cherish their journey inside the Bigg Boss house even more! 


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