Team war this time
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  • July 29, 2013
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Jhalak will turn into a battle field this week with two teams battling against each other to get maximum score and all the good comments from the judges.
Last week, two teams were formed with Lauren and Drashti leading these teams as they got the highest scores alongwith Sonali and Sumanth. The judges selected Lauren & Drashti through a chit process. Lauren's team has Sonali and Sumanth, Shaan, Karanvir and Karan Patel while Drashti’ team consists of Sana, Sidharth and Mukti. Each team will choose one style and perform together first as a team followed by couples dancing and then coming back as a team and ending the act. They will get the scores as a team which will also be their individual scores.
The team leaders have to take charge and decide on the songs, styles and everything related to their respective act. So Drashti-Salman and Lauren-Punit have lot of work to do as they will be in charge of their respective act.
Looking at both the teams, both of them look quite strong to take up this challenge. Just imagine Drashti’s grace, Sana’s energy, Sidharth’s attitude and Mukti’s breathtaking dancing coming together or Lauren’s Versitality, Sonali and Sumanth’s flawlessness, Karanvir’s style and Karan Patel’s confidence coming together in one act, woah!!! It already comes across as a truly blockbuster show.
So what have the two teams got for us? Well, we will have to wait and watch. Till then all we can do is get ready for this thrilling episode of Jhalak Dikhla Ja season 6 filled with more dancing, more fun and more masti!!!

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