Team B planned a winning strategy!
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  • November 5, 2014
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It looked like a cutthroat competition, when both the teams took the task very seriously! The action involved a lot of cheena-jhapti. Once team A's turn was over, team B started making the building which had Ali, Arya, Diandra and others being a part of it. Rearing to take revenge from team B, the members from team A tried their level best to stop the ‘wheel’ from moving, which made Pritam hurt his palm! Quite risky a task eh? But gradually team B began to win the game with their smart strategies. This became more evident when the players of team B tried grabbing maximums blocks and sat in one place together saving the blocks from being taken away from the opposite team by sitting over the blocks.While Arya and Karishma lied on the blocks throughout the task,Praneet,Diandra and Ali sat over them covering the maximum blocks! Bichaare Karishma and Arya, who were crushed to as pulp during the process!! But I felt like asking Mr. Babbar if his neck was okay this soon! (Lol) What a spirit! In a fun moment I also caught Ali and Gautam enacting SRK while at task. They all remained strong till the end, until the final alarm was heard. As per the verdict of Capt. Upen, team B won the game!!! Yayyieee!!! Worth having rashes, muscle pull and all bruises..Applauds team B!!


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