Task to become the contenders for ‘Ticket To Finale’ on Bigg Boss 11.
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The housemates raised their eyebrows after Vikas read out the letter saying the next task in the Bigg Boss house would lead declaring two housemates who would become contenders for ‘Ticket To Finale’.





As per the task, the fate of one housemate would be dependent on the other. The six housemates would keep climbing up the mountain made in the garden area carrying bags on their backs, each one having the name of some other housemate on their bag. If the housemate feels that he/she doesn’t want the person whose bag he/she is carrying to become a contender for ‘Ticket To Finale’ should keep emptying the bag while climbing up the mountain. After every stop the member whose bag (having his/her name) would be the lightest of all will have one magnetic bag removed from that housemate’s name.






At the end of the task the two housemates whose names would have the maximum magnetic bags would be declared the winners in the task and would proceed towards ‘Ticket To Finale’ competition.



An extremely crucial moment for the housemates! Watch tonight the strategies each one comes up with to perform the best.

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