Task seeks kurbaani from Housemates!
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  • October 28, 2014
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Bigg Boss is one hell of a Planner! The tasks are getting thoughtful and tricky by the week for the Big Boss contestants.Though the none of the tasks have been a cake walk for anyone, but this task will keep you on the edge of the seats.And this time you feel feel the pain of the housemates too! Who would have imagined even in a nightmare that the contestants will be made to drink “Karele ka juice” and “Egg yolk shake with lots of namakk?” Pukeeee! Can somebody please give me some water! As I have already told you about the Telephone task, Karishma was asked to give out names of two housemates, who work the least and Karishma names Sushi and Sonali! As a result, you will get to see how Sushant and Sonali dared to have those drinks. More courage to you two! I would spoil your mood if I leak out more information on it! But, just one more spoiler- Praneet was seen bleaching his eyebrows for some reasons and he looked like an alien! Was it because of his own will (like Diandra, who had shaved it off) or was he told to do this by the mysterious caller?


But I am just wondering as to why are the housemates listening to everything that the caller has to say? What could be their majboori ? Is it to become the best player in the house? Or there are some other stories cooking up inside their heads? Whatever that may be, one thing that I am sure of is , its not just a sheer game! 


Watch the drama unfold tonight at 9pm.



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