Tanuja promises she would never come in between Nethra and Rishi.
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This week on ‘Kasam’ we will see Rishi throwing a party after Rano gets to know he likes some other girl and insists him on inviting her for the party. Rishi will invite Abhishek and his family. Initially Tanuja would refuse going but eventually due to some circumstances she will be seen being part of it.




Tanuja would precisely tell Abhishek how she wants to stay away from Rishi, and Abhishek would nod in affirmation with her decision. Later in the party the couple would be seen dancing, Rishi would request Tanuja to dance with him but she would refuse and get more close Abhishek to show Rishi and his family to show that she is actually married to him and nothing is fake.  There would be a moment when couples would swap and there we will have Tanuja-Rishi moment! Excited for it?


Rishi would also bring Tanuja aside and ask her about her problem and Tanuja would respond saying she has lost all trust in him.


In one of the instances during the party, Tanya and Natasha would go on the terrace without anybody else around and get stuck in the water tank. Rishi would come for their rescue. Everybody else would get panic stricken to see the young girls in danger.




And what next? Would you like to know more?

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