Tanuja asks Rishi to stay away from her life!
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This week on Kasam we will see how Rishi takes several attempts to know what’s exactly going in between Abhishek and Tanuja. In one of the instances he will even be taking Tanuja’s phone secretly and will try unlocking to check what kind of conversation the two have. He will also insist Tanuja to have a conversation with him and cook food for him also allow him be around her.





In one of the sequences when Tanuja will call Rishi at a restaurant asking him to return her phone, Rishi will get to know from the same restaurant manager that the lady whom he was searching for previously is Tanuja and that she isn’t in love with Abhishek. Rishi will make Tanuja hear this, but just then Tanuja will also see Abhishek’s reflection in the mirror. Panic stricken she will run after Abhishek but won’t be able to find him.





Eventually she would meet Abhishek who would be upset with her; he would tell he is hurt after knowing that she kept something hidden from him that he should have known before. Tanuja would get even more worried after this.






What would be the exact reason for Abhishek getting upset with Tanuja? After these series of events, frustrated Tanuja would beg Rishi to stay away from her life! Why would that be?






What exactly happens for such occurrences to take place?


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