Tanishaa and Andy are no more BFFs!
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  • December 23, 2013
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Andy and Tanishaa have been each others’ support system in the Bigg Boss house after their newfound fondness for each other. In fact, Andy is the second person inside the house that Tanishaa can trust after Armaan. However, the intensity of the game seems to have affected their friendship and the two have started maintaining a distance from each other. 

When Bigg Boss sends a mysterious briefcase inside the house, the housemates are asked to unanimously decide the name of one contestant who deserves to own the briefcase. While the discussions and tussle for bagging the briefcase is on, Gauahar and Andy decide to put in place a voting system so that the housemates can reach an agreement. While initially Tanishaa agrees to be a part of the process, when she is asked to give her vote, Tanishaa decides to withdraw from the discussion. In fact, when Andy cajoles her to pick someone, Tanishaa refuses and tells Andy that her vote does not matter because the decision was already clear from the votes of the other contestants. 

Hearing this, Andy blames Tanishaa for not taking a stand, thereby enraging her. Tanishaa argues with Andy and tells him that he is playing ugly games with her and does not care about anyone but himself. Later, she is also seen telling Ajaz and Sangram that Andy is being self-indulgent these days and all his actions are for the camera.

While we wonder whether Tanishaa and Andy will eventually kiss and make up, is Tanishaa upset about Andy’s growing closeness with Gauahar?

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