Talking It Out! Synopsis, Day 60
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Wise men talk because they have something to say, fools talk because they have to say something. Day 60 in the Bigg Boss house proved to be all about conversations – some fun, some enlightening and some downright painful!

With Gautam’s captaincy drawing to a close, Bigg Boss introduces the Judgment Day task to punish and reward the contestants basis their conduct. Making Gautam the head of the situation, Bigg Boss gives him the opportunity to choose a candidate who would compete against Upen in the upcoming captain elections. Gautam is given the task of listening carefully to every contestant one at a time while they have to try convincing him as to why they should be chosen as a candidate for captaincy.

Every housemate gears up for the task strategizing their words and how to present it to Gautam. While Diandra states that she doesn’t want to become the captain anymore, Puneet comes up to Gautam and says that it is better if he nominates Pritam for the captaincy. Gautam who keeps mum at the time, however decides that he will not nominate Pritam because his actions during the past week have played out against him. Karishma, on the other hand, tries her best to convince Gautam to choose her for the captaincy. But, Gautam soon realizes that he has known all along who he will choose and plans out his strategy in a subtle manner to ensure that everyone in the house is in agreement with him regarding his decision.

As the day progresses, Diandra continues to talk to Karishma about her issues with Upen and says that he often feels bad for unnecessary reasons. Diandra brings up a previous conversation that Upen had with Sonali and how Sonali’s words were the real reason behind their fallout. Hearing Diandra’s words, Karishma, who has harbouring a soft corner for Upen, defends his actions and says that Upen is not attached to Sonali as deeply as Diandra is saying. She points out to Diandra that Bigg Boss is a game show and every contestant has modified their behavior to play it well.

Conversations continue to flow freely in the Bigg Boss house with the contestants making it appear to be more productive than destructive as relationships strengthen and the contestants learn to deal with each other’s behavior better. But one is sure to have some moments of shock and entertainment as they slowly and steadily start to understand what Bigg Boss is all about. But this is certainly not the end of it all. The Judgment Day task brings with it a punishment and one contestant inadvertently finds themselves in the line of fire. And with the captaincy looming as the next day approaches, it is up to the captain elects to prove their mettle and win the favour of as many contestants as possible! But who will it be that wins everyone’s heart?

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