Talent Matters and nothing else: Malaika Arora Khan
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India’s Got Talent season 5 is all set to spell bound the whole country with some amazing never seen before talents from all over the country. Malaika Arora Khan who is one of the jury on the show is very excited to be part of this journey and she thinks that this season is going to be more special.  A quick chat with her where she reveals she is nervous and excited.


How excited are you for this season since this time you will be a part of the show from the very beginning unlike last year?

I am super excited. As I will be part of the full season which will also give me a chance to be connected to the show right from the audition level.  Also, this season there has been really amazing talent and it will be amazing to be a part of this extravaganza.


As a jury did it surprise and astonish you to see certain things which probably we haven’t ever seen before and IGT gives such talent a platform to showcase?

I am totally spell bound. Main sochti hoon yeh sab kaha se aate hai and the kind of things they do. Oh god! Sometimes it just looks unreal to me. But hats off to all of them to have that kind of courage, daring and confidence to pull off those stunts or acts. It just leaves me speechless and yes IGT is definitely doing a fabulous job of giving all of them a platform to showcase their talent which otherwise would have only got restricted to their town or city.


What according to you is the USP of IGT?

Well I think the fact that this is the only show in the country where you can showcase talent of any kind and from age of 3 to 70. It’s just the talent that matters and nothing else. 


As a jury how you are going to be on the show. Will you be strict or lenient?

Well I am a very emotional person and sometimes on the show it is very difficult to have control over emotions because some of the contestants and their stories really are heart touching. But then I have to remember that at the end of the day it’s a competition so I will have to be fair and not take any emotional decision. About being strict and lenient, I think will try and balance out. And with Kirron Kher and Karan around I am sure we will be able to give the best judgment possible.


Any contestant or story about this season which you remember which got you really emotional?

Yes there is this sweet little girl I won’t name her as soon everyone will soon see her on screen so I will keep it a secret. She is physically disabled but when she danced on stage my heart sunk. She is so good. She is always smiling and positive. It made me learn a lot. I went home and told my son about it and my son only said one line that when can I meet her. So yeah people like her really teach you lot of things in life.


5 things which the audience should expect from IGT 5?

Amazing talent, new hosts, the judges, lot of talent and some more talent.


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