Tale of ‘Tarkaasur’ begins on ‘Mahakaali’ this weekend!
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This weekend mata Parvati would eventually enter the forest, as per the plan of Shumbh and Nishumbh. There we will see how they both offend mata Parvati and Mahadev crossing all their limits. Parvati maa would be seen tolerating all the offence in the beginning but after a saturation point her temper would break out and she would turn as Mahakaali fuming in anger!





Everyone scared of her would run for their life. Mahakaali would be seen walking on her path of destruction, looking at the situation going out of control Mahadev would then take the form of ‘Batuk’ (a little boy). All of a sudden looking at the boy Mahakaali would stop and be filled with warm motherly feeling, further transforming back as Parvati.





Later in the story Parvati would return back to Kailash parvat still drowned in thoughts about whatever happened.





Here, Shumbh and Nishumbh wouldn’t give up on plotting against Parvati. There we will see how another asura (monster) named as ‘Tarkaasur’ will be called by Shumbh Nishumbh to kill Mahakaali.





What’s going to happen next?


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