Take a look these little kid wonders from India’s Got Talent 7 that have weaved their magic on the show so far!
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Talent comes in all shapes and sizes, and the proof of which has been evident in the past few weeks on India’s Got Talent 7. From across the country, little stars have been flooding the India’s Got Talent 7 stage with their astounding and beyond their age performances. Here’s a quick look at some of the best acts by some of the kid wonders on the show so far.


12-year-old Nandi Kishore from Amritsar, Punjab got everyone very emotional in the opening episode of IGT- 7 when he spoke about his parents and the struggle he had to face in life. Listening to his journey, Kirron couldn’t control her emotions and got onto the stage and hugged him. Nand sang the song ‘aahun aahun’ from the movie Love Aaj Kal post which Karan asked him to sing the same song that he had song during his VT which left the judges so mesmerized that they couldn’t stop praising him for his talent.


One couldn’t keep their eyes away from the little Pramit from the Maginitix Crew whose utter innocence and suavity stole the show. The group danced to the song ‘dheere dheere’ and had everyone amongst the judges lauding their performance especially of that of little Pramit who was the centre stage of the act. 


This act was like watching little Ranbir Kapoor on stage! 8-year-old Parth from Dehradun took the IGT -7 stage by storm when he danced to a medley of songs and had the judges tripping on his high energy. Parth danced to the title track of Besharam and ‘chaar shanivaar’ and stole the judges’ heart with his spectacular performance. Post his act, Kirron, Malaika and Karan couldn’t stop gushing about how cute and adorable he was and Karan even said how the twinkle in his eyes reminded him of Ranbir Kapoor. Aww!! Parth was definitely a sweet heart.


The way this little kid twisted and turned would give anyone a huge complex. Aditya marveled the judges with his genie act and couldn’t get the judges from praising on how good he was as a contortionist with Malaika Arora Khan even going onto saying that if he continued with the same spirit, that he would become a world renowned contortionist in the future.


Taking the tradition of folk songs to the next generation were the little boys from Rajasthan from the Manganiyar classroom. Their voice was so powerful and rustic that it would give even the best singers a serious complex. The group sang a traditional Rajasthani folk song and besotted the judges and audience with their superb vocal prowess.


The youngest talent to make a foray into the India’s Got Talent 7 stage was the 3-year-old Shivani from Vijyawada. The apple of her parent’s eyes, Shivani showcased her archery skills last week on the show. The judges were so impressed by the little wonder that they gave her a thumbs up right away. For someone so young, her archery skills were spot on!

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