Tabaadla makes housemates cry! #BB Saath-7 Synopsis Day 25
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It’s a new day in the Bigg Boss house that has arrived with new challenges that seem to have brought in a lot of changes for the inmates.  To start with, Armaan is disappointed with Asif as he thinks he is trying to play games against him and is seen making fun of him in front of Tanisha. On the other hand, Sangram is calling Gauahar and Kushal the ‘Love birds’. Hearing this, Gauahar gets offended and tells him to watch what he says also adding that he is the last person she would expect this from considering he is a good friend. Tanisha observes that Armaan is depressed and is trying her best to cheer him up by patting, irritating and indirectly flirting with him. However, he pushes her away saying that he wants to be alone for a while .

Later, Sangram goes about complaining about his argument with Gauahar to Andy.  He tells him that it’s quite evident that they both are dating and if not, they should maintain distance. At the same time, Armaan and Kamya are called into the confession room wherein Armaan is asked to select two names from Jahannum who least contributed to the task. Kamya was asked to select two names who performed the best amongst the jannat wasis.

During the discussion, the hell-mates decide to take the names of Kushal and Armaan as the weak contenders.  Kushal is disappointed by this decision and starts sulking. He requests Bigg Boss to call him in the confession room and meanwhile spends time crying in the washroom .Bigg Boss calls Kushal in the confession room and tries to console him but Kushal breaks down and says that he wants to quit the game. He later confronts Gauahar and tells her that he is unhappy with Gauahar for not defending him. He side-lines her continuously when she tries to talk to him and looking at Kushal’s indifferent attitude, Gauahar starts crying. 

Later in the day, the Tabadla announcement takes place where Armaan takes his name along with Kushal while Kamya takes her name along with Andy. Others are asked to pack their bags and wait until the Tabadla takes place. While the Tabadla is taking place, Bigg Boss asks every hell-mate to take the name of on Jannatwasi they don’t want stay with while they are entering. Considering people are more on the Jannat side, Pratyusha turns out to be lucky and is asked to stay back in heaven. 

Like every week, Bigg Boss announces that the light at the wishing wall is on and the housemates can express their wish. Tanisha, Pratyusha and Kamya wish to get Arman on the heaven side and to their surprise, Bigg Boss grants their wish but asks them to select one person who will move to hell-side in place of Arman. Unanimously, they take Andy’s name and the swap takes place.

After the swap, Gauahar is upset and crying as she wanted to go on the hell-side. Kushal tried to make her understand and asks her to be strong.  After all that action-packed drama, the day finally comes to an end. 

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