Swaragini: Who will be Kavya’s next target?
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Swara has been boycotted by her family for agreeing to stay with Sanksar in the Maheshwari household. While Swara takes on the responsibility of being a dutiful bahu, Ragini on the other side takes on the role of playing the daughter in the Gadodia house.

Lakshya who refused to marry Ragini because he didn’t consider her to be his first choice ends up marrying Kavya.

As per the rituals, Swara who has now officially turned the bahu of the family has to cook food for the entire house. Kavya first deliberately spoils the food that Swara cooked for the pehali rasoi and later brings non-vegetarian food into the kitchen. Annapurna and Sujata aren’t very pleased with Kavya’s behavior either and get further annoyed when they see her exercising with her personal trainer in the lawns while the guard and gardener pryingly look on.

Kavya’s game plan has just begun and so has all the drama that she is planning to unleash on the household in the coming days. She has already been successful in getting rid of Ragini from Lakshya’s life? Who will she target next in the family?

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