Swaragini: Swara to chose family over love?
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  • February 24, 2016
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On this week of Swaragini, Swara’s innocence is finally proved and the real culprits behind Ragini’s masi’s murder Kaveri and Kavita are put behind bars. After Swara’s release from the jail, the entire family heaves a sigh of relief and gets on with the wedding celebrations. Both the brides, Swara and Ragini are brought to the mandap to start with the wedding rituals. Just when things start looking a little bright and everything seems to have fallen back on track, Lakshya makes a startling announcement which throws the entire family in a state of shock. He reveals to everyone present that he has divorced Ragini as she was never his first choice.

Hearing this stance of Lakshya, Shekhar decides to take matters in his own hands and proclaims that none of his two daughters would stay in the Maheshwari household. Now that Swara is in a fix, which side would she chose? On one side of the wall are her parents, and on the other the love of her life, Sanskar. Will Swara decide to be a dutiful daughter or a bahu?

Stay tuned to find out.

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