Swaragini Spoiler: Swara to unveil the culprit behind the attacks
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Kavita is back in Sanskar’s life and she can’t stand the fact that her first love Sanskar is getting married to Swara. With all hopes of putting their love story to an end, she goes to great lengths to break off their relationship. While all of this going on, someone is trying really hard to harm Swara and her family. Swara and Sanskar were able to ward off the attack on Sharmistha just in time. Later, Sharmistha on hearing someone humming a lori, follows the sound and comes face-to-face with Janki (Ragini’s deceased mother). Sharmishta feels that the person who attacked her earlier was in fact Janki. The next day Swara too hears the same humming sound and goes to the terrace to check, only to come across Janki.

Swara isn’t convinced that the woman she saw was Janki as she is no longer alive. She believes that someone is trying to fool her into believing what she saw was real. Not very happy with the turn of events, Swara is determined to get to the bottom of it and find the real culprits. Will Swara be able to find out the person behind all of this?

Don’t forget to watch Swaragini to find out whether Swara finally succeeds.

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