Swara gets slapped! But why? #Swaragini
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  • March 4, 2015
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Ragini's wedding is fixed with Lakshya and while everyone is in discussion about her engagement, Swara's concern to know about the boy and his family brings her to Ragini's would be 'Sasural'. Gadodia family is shocked to find Swara at Lakshya's place.They get furious and ask her why is she there. Overhearing a heated argument Ragini gets scared and gets to know that Swara has landed into trouble and reaches out to help her. But by then things are already well out of control.

Swara is seen explaining herself to everyone, but Ragini's dadi, who is a very strict lady confronts, Swara directly and questions her which makes the matters worse. As the heated argument is on, in fit of rage Shekhar is unable to control his anger and slaps Swara! Everyone is stunned!

Shortly, Sharmishtha gets to know about her daughter being slapped and is infuriated! She confronts Shekhar and decides to reveal the truth behind their bizarre past.

What happens then? Will the secrets be disclosed finally in front of Swara and Ragini?

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