Swami Om has different agenda on his mind on Bigg Boss 10!
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  • December 1, 2016
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Tonight, Swami Om is seen lobbying with the housemates to get him and Lopamudra to contest for the captaincy. Bani tells him that Gaurav is a fit name to be the captain but according to Swami Om’s logic, there’s a possibility that he and Lopamudra may come face to face to compete for the captaincy.


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Later, he tells Rohan that Lopamudra should get into the captaincy task and someone weak, like Swami Om, should face her. Rohan laughs this away. On the other hand, Swami Om tells Nitibha and Manu that he will expose everyone. He has been observing everyone’s games and eventually he will tear of everyone’s masks.


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What exactly is Swami Om up to? Will he prove to be a top player in power games? Only time can tell! Till then, stay tuned to Bigg Boss 10 for more entertainment!

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