Sushant feels offended with Ali’s remarks!
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  • November 5, 2014
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While the task was on, the two teams left no moment for me to relax! I heard Sushi and Ali, the Shanta and Kanta of the house fight actually! While talking to Pritam, Ali commented about a special community, Sushi, who was nowhere in the picture felt offended and started having an argument with Ali that he should think and talk whereas Ali tried convincing him that he didn’t want ro hurt anybody’s sentiments. In fact he did not even realize that Sushant had all his ears while he was talking.

What Shanta! Har kuch dil pe nahi lete! Or tell me you were bored with the hansi-mazaak and wanted to try something new and felt who else could be better than your favorite Ali!

Ab Sushi ke liye kaun aawaz uthaayega?


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