Surprise entry in the house!

Surprise entry in the house!

Each day in the Bigg Boss House is getting difficult owing to so much competition, task strategy and two teams rooting against each other! Yesterday, after Bigg Boss announced his decision on the BB transportation task, the housemates became a little more alert. With Sidharth being nominated for two consecutive weeks, it’s clear to the housemates to now perform tasks more consciously.


Today, we see the two entertainers of the house Shehnaaz and Bhau arguing over a misunderstanding that happened because of a task. Shehnaaz was called ‘Punjab ki Rakhi Sawant’ which annoyed her. In anger, she hints at Himanshi Khurana giving her this title. Going forward, Bigg Boss surprises the housemates with Devoleena and Rashami’s re-entry into the house. While some housemates are happy to see them, Sidharth and team are not. How will they react? Will team dynamics change going forward?




The task begins and both the teams rush to the 'Godown’ to collect maximum stock for themselves. However, their over-enthusiasm results in everyone getting aggressive and Paras hurts his finger. Paras is quick to blame Sidharth for this mishap.

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