Suraiya refuses to give up! #Beintehaa
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It is clear that Aaliya is having a tough time convincing Suraiya that she is an obedient bahu and the perfect partner for Zain. Despite several attempts, where Aaliya has managed to handle all the tricky situations in the Barkat Villa quite judiciously, Suraiya continues to hate her. Talking about the dynamics between Suraiya and Aliya, Suchitra Pillai who portrays the character of Suraiya said, “Suraiya has always hated Aaliya because she comes from a different class. She never saw Aaliya as a match for Zain and for the same reason she will never accept Aaliya as her daughter-in-law.”
In the current track, Aaliya favouring Zubair has not gone down well with Suraiya. She wants to throw her out of the house. While it was Osman who protected Aaliya in the beginning, this time around Zain who has got her back. “Osman always favours and protects Aaliya. Since he is paralysed at the moment, Suraiya has an upper hand in the situation. But to Suraiya’s shock now it’s Zain who has fallen in love with Aaliya and he is supporting Aaliya. Suraiya is losing in a few directions but she is a woman who never gives up; she will look for another plan of action to throw Aaliya out of the house,” concluded Suchitra Pillai.
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