Sunny Times in the Bigg Boss house
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  • December 12, 2013
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For the past two days, Bigg Boss contestants have been playing hunger games in order to take a direct leap into the Grand Finale.


With the environment inside the house getting pensive, Bigg Boss decides to add some fun by sending in ex-contestant and actress Sunny Leone inside the house. 

When all the housemates are stationed in the living area, Sunny enters the house in a box and joins Sangram, Andy and Kamya in doing the task. Andy is quick enough to realize that some anonymous person has also joined them and announces it to Sangram and Kamya.


Listening to Sangram, Kamya and Andy chat through the boxes, the housemates immediately rush in the garden area and find Sunny coming out of the box. The housemates are overwhelmed to see Sunny join them, while she feels nostalgic about coming to the Bigg Boss house after two long years. 


Bigg Boss soon welcomes Sunny and announces a special task for Kushal, Armaan and Ajaz. The three men are asked to woo Sunny by performing one romantic and one action scene with her and also dance to an item number while she is chooses a winner.  As a reward, the winner will get an opportunity to go on a candid date with Sunny in the activity area. 

Who will be the lucky one amongst Armaan, Kushal and Ajaz to win this golden opportunity?


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