Sultan tries to protect Madhu from RK #Madhubala Weekly Update – 15th Apr to 21st Apr
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In the beginning of the week we saw Madhu waking up in the RK mansion. She realizes that she’s been handcuffed to RK and this upsets her. He forces her to answer his questions and when she doesn’t respond, he threatens to undress. Watch as RK forces Madhu to answer him.

Padmini and Trishna come back from Shirdi and are worried to see Madhu missing. When Padmini calls Bittuji, she comes to know that Madhu is with RK. Worried, she immediately calls up RK mansion and talks to Madhu. Watch their conversation in this video.

Madhu feels bad to have lied to her mother and talks to Radhaji about it. Both pray to Ganpati and Radhaji makes her understand that in some situations heart and mind can confuse a person. She advises her to listen to her gut feeling and not worry about wrong or right. Watch as Madhu is perplexed about her feelings for RK.

Sultan comes to meet Padmini in the chawl and offers to pay cash in return of all the help they have provided. He mentions about his conversation with RK and how Madhu is now back with him. When Padmini acts surprised at this news, Sultan realizes that Madhu isn’t with RK on her own will. Watch as Sultan runs to help Madhu.

RK takes Madhu to the sets and while driving tries to ask her out for a date. When she shows no interest, RK dedicates a song to Madhu on radio. Even this doesn’t impress Madhu and she switches the radio off. Eventually, RK gets out of the car and does a small performance on the song Hawa Hawai! Watch it right here.

RK asks Madhu to forget the past and move on with him. He explains how she always forgives others and expects her to do the same for him. He asks her to give him one chance and he would prove his love for her. Watch here to know what Madhu replied.

While the two were having a conversation, Sultan comes in front of RK’s car forcing him to stop. RK tells to Sultan to go away but he doesn’t pay any heed and asks Madhu if she’s okay. RK warns him to stay away from his Biwi and pulls Madhu to sit in the car. This irritates Sultan and he points his gun at RK. Watch as Madhu saves the situation which makes RK fume with jealousy.

Dipali comes to know from Radhaji that Madhu’s family are unaware about their daughter’s big move. She takes this as an opportunity and reaches the chawl and meets Trishna there. She gives shagun to Trishna and congratulates her on her sister’s reconciliation with RK. This stuns Trishna and she wonders what Madhu is up to. Watch as Trishna throws Deepali out. 

Madhu calls Sultan and asks him to stop interfering in her life. He tries to justify his actions and says he was worried about her. This upsets Madhu more and she tells him that she isn’t his wife and she can’t help if the real one isn’t alive. Watch as Madhu’s words hurt Sultan and RK overhears this conversation.

RK plans to make a movie and asks Bittuji and Madhu for their honest opinions. He then begins to narrate the story of a hero who is like him, heroine who is like Madhu and a villain like Madhu’s new friend. He explains how the heroine is confused between hero and villain and asks Madhu whom should the heroine choose? Before she could answer, RK decides to put a The End to the picture. Watch RK gives the perfect climax to his movie.

Madhu feels disturbed by RK’s possessiveness and manages to get out of the set. She goes to meet Trishna in the chawl who is relieved to see her sister. Trishna asks her if she has forgiven RK but Madhu vehemently says no. Trishna again asks her if she still loves RK and Madhu is unable to answer. Watch their conversation in this video.

Till now we have seen that RK thinks that Madhu has escaped and goes to the chawl to find her. In desperation, he calls Sultan who taunts him in return. Will RK manage to find Madhu and what will he do next to show his insecurity? Keep watching this space for more updates!

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